How has digital governance strengthened Mongolia’s democracy?


How has digital governance strengthened Mongolia's democracy?

In 2021, #Mongolia introduced its first-ever e-government services, known as E-Mongolia.

It was the pandemic that forced Mongolian policymakers to take their government online.

As of May 2022, E-Mongolia had digitalized over 500 public services, enrolled nearly 2 million users, and successfully delivered over 6 million services.

Apart from that, it looks like digital transformation has strengthened democratic institutions.

In addition to making it easier for citizens to participate in #government processes online, it also allows governments to become more transparent by providing more information about their activities online than ever before – including budget data, performance reports and other important documents.

This makes it easier for citizens to track how their government spends taxpayer money and hold officials accountable when they fail to meet basic standards of transparency.

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