Myanmar’s Digital Platform

The Department of Consumer Affairs of Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce and the Myanmar Rice Federation jointly launched the Myanmar Rice Online (MyRO) website to transform the country’s rice industry.

A ceremony was held in Nay Pyi Taw to launch the digital platform MyRO. The digital platform MyRO provides various services, including digital certification, for members as well as data and information for visitors. The digital platform was established through a Public-Private Partnership Model (PPP).



Mozambique Taxing Digital Economy

Mozambique is set to implement a tax on the digital economy as part of efforts by the government at the centre to widen the tax net and boost tax revenue to shore up resources for the government to execute its core duties.

To ensure effective implementation, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has since established a unit for the Digital Economy Taxation Unit. This unit is now saddled with the responsibility of ensuring success with the proposed scheme. The digital economy has a lot to do with e-commerce, app stores, online advertising, online payment services, cloud computing, participative networked platforms and the likes.


TUESDAY, 28 NOV 2023

Digital Morocco 2025

The “Morocco Digital 2025” plan is Morocco’s comprehensive domestic strategy to achieve three main goals first, to establish a successful digital administration; second, to create a competitive economy based on the performance gains created by a digitally innovative ecosystem; and third, and to foster an inclusive society thanks to widespread digital connectivity.

The Chinese tech giant, Huawei, is China’s main technology-related company for developing DSR projects in Morocco, and it will likely play a major part in cultivating this digital revolution.


MONDAY, 27 NOV 2023

Montenegro’s Government Partnership

4iG entered the telco market of the Western Balkans as a strategic investor in 2021 with the acquisition of Telenor Montenegro. Later rebranded as ONE Montenegro, its technological development is at the forefront in the country.

The esteemed presence of 4iG in the region and the country promises to introduce cutting-edge technologies, elevate cyber security to new heights, and catalyze the digitalization of public administration. The agreement between the Montenegrin government and 4iG Plc could lay the foundations for a high level of professional and technological cooperation to support and accelerate Montenegro’s digital transition.


FRIDAY, 24 NOV 2023

Micronesian Digital Revolution

Micronesia, an archipelago of islands scattered across the vast Pacific Ocean, has long struggled to develop a robust telecommunications infrastructure. Limited access to reliable internet connectivity has hindered progress, affecting economic growth, education, and healthcare services in the region.

Micronesia relied on expensive undersea fiber optic cables to connect to the global internet network. The immense distances between islands and the high costs of laying cables made it nearly impossible to provide affordable internet, resulting in significant digital divide.



Mexico’s Digital Economy

Mexico’s digital economy has seen significant progress in recent years, in part driven by government initiatives seeking to boost the uptake of technology among businesses and the population. With increased digitisation, there is scope for the country to unlock further economic potential.

Google is already playing a key role in supporting this through its contributions to Mexican businesses and households. In 2022, Google generated MXN$266,000 million of economic activity for businesses in the country.



Digitalization in Mauritius

Mauritius, a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean, has long been recognized for its stunning beaches and vibrant tourism industry. However, the country has also been striving to diversify its economy and foster innovation and growth in other sectors.

The introduction of Starlink in Mauritius is expected to play a pivotal role in achieving these goals. With access to high-speed internet, entrepreneurs in Mauritius will be able to tap into global markets and expand their businesses.


TUESDAY, 21 NOV 2023

Mauritania’s Digitalization

Mauritania, a vast country with a population of over 4 million people, has long struggled with limited internet connectivity. The country’s remote and sparsely populated regions have been especially disadvantaged.

This digital divide has hindered economic growth, education, and communication opportunities for the people of Mauritania. The introduction of Starlink in Mauritania has the potential to unlock new opportunities for the country.


MONDAY, 20 NOV 2023

Marshall Islands Digital Payments

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and Bitt have signed a memorandum of understanding with a vision to launch a pilot initiative geared towards implementing a National Digital Payments System using the US Dollar.

This partnership is driven by the aspiration to leverage technology’s potential for advancing financial inclusion, improving transparency, optimizing operational processes, and empowering citizens and businesses Marshall Islands.



Mali’s Digital Inclusion

Mali, with its vast rural areas and limited infrastructure, has long struggled with providing its citizens with reliable internet access.

Traditional internet service providers have been unable to reach remote areas, leaving many communities disconnected from the digital world. This lack of connectivity has hindered economic growth.