Use of facial recognition by UK police

The facial recognition system used by the UK’s largest police force is “very accurate” but when live facial recognition is used at lower face-match thresholds, a slight difference in performance between some demographics was observed.

This testing was performed by the UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Officials at NLP further stated that “We find that, if the system is run at low and easy thresholds, the system starts showing a bias against Black males and females combined.”

The NEC system, used by the Metropolitan Police Service for policing, has become a subject of controversy with rights groups raising concerns about false positives and discrimination.


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TUESDAY, 30 MAY 2023

United States: Federal CIO setting up plans to digitize government documents fast

Clare Martorana is the Federal CIO and in a recent interview she told that she’s surprised and disappointed that only two percent of all government forms used by citizens can be accessed digitally, with the government instead spending tens of billions on paper documentation.

The CIO said said this problem could be solved in part through new guidance her office will provide federal agencies later this summer on how to implement the 21st Century IDEA Act’s digitization and customer experience sections.

Martorana further said that she would just ask all to join me in being unwilling to accept the fact that only 2% of our forms in government are available for digital use.


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MONDAY, 29 MAY 2023

Australia’s Department of Defence (DoD) issues biometric device tender

As the forces around the globe are moving to the technology use. Australia also wants to go ahead with top technologies use by its forces.

Australia’s Department of Defence (DoD) is seeking a mobile biometric capture device to capture finger, facial and other biometric data.

The selected device will replace an in-service item that is obsolete, according to the government’s tender. The new device would be used by the Australian Defence Force in land, air and maritime environments by operators who are highly mobile.


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Various Digital ID projects in the United States

The digital ID and mDL in a wallet will be accepted for verification at the T-South checkpoints in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport so long as the bearer is part of the TSA’s PreCheck check-in service.

Watches and iPhones can now be used in place of paper boarding passes, although the TSA has admitted that their officers may still demand a physical ID.

Apple-compatible digital IDs have come to a fourth U.S. state – Georgia. The mobile driver’s license development program was run by Georgia officials, the federal Transportation Security Administration and Apple itself. The digital identity document does not replace the need to carry a physical driver’s license or state ID.


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FRIDAY, 26 MAY 2023

French top court allows AI surveillance at Olympics

The French top constitutional court has cleared the way for the algorithmic processing of video feeds during the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

However, it has defined measures to prevent the system from being used to collect biometric data.

The system, which includes experimental use of real-time video analysis, was approved by the French parliament in April. It detects suspicious items and behavior such as unsupervised luggage and dangerous crowd movements.


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Remote Surgeries Execution Will Be Possible in Costa Rica with the help of 5G Technology

Costa Rica is really conscious for its healthcare sector.

Costa Rica is preparing for the arrival of 5G and one of the hopes of the current administration is that, within a prudent period, public and private hospitals in Costa Rica can perform remote medical procedures, as part of the benefits that the implementation of this technology to the health sector.

As per the president of the Chamber of Infocommunication and Technology (Infocom), they see it as positive that the development of 5G technology in Costa Rica is part of the Government’s priorities, which proves the relevance and transversality of telecommunications for the country and competitiveness.


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TUESDAY, 23 MAY 2023

United Sates: National Science Foundation plans to set up 7 new AI research institutes

The National Science Foundation is focusing on Artificial Intelligence. It will establish seven new artificial intelligence research institutes as part of a package of AI initiatives.

The agency will invest $140 million in the new institutes, which will bring the total number of government institutes across the country researching the technology to 25.

The new institutes are intended to facilitate AI advances that are “ethical, trustworthy, responsible and serve the public group, as well as to drive breakthroughs in critical areas including climate, energy and cybersecurity.”


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MONDAY, 22 MAY 2023

Pentagon to transfer 5G efforts to CIO

The Pentagon’s chief information officer will take the reins of the department’s efforts to operationalize 5G communications technology for warfighters this fall

For the last few years, the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering has been working to adopt 5G and future-generation wireless network technologies across the department.

On Oct. 1, the CIO’s organization will take the lead on those efforts and expand the scope of current 5G testing and experimentation.


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Italy moves ahead with budgets for integration of digital IDs

The Italian government has allocated €40 million (US$43.38 million) in the hopes of resolving a dispute involving the nation’s two digital identification programs, the SPID and the CIE.

SPID, or the public system for digital ID, is used by citizens to log in for online government services and managed by private companies, some of which charge for ID activation.

CIE stands for electronic ID card, Italy’s official digital and physical ID. It costs €16.79 ($18.17).

The Italian government wants to fold the SPID program into CIE, which, as a state ID program, is controlled by Rome.


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FRIDAY, 19 MAY 2023

United States Air Force selects AI-enabled predictive maintenance program

PANDA refers to Predictive Analytics and Decision Assistant and it is an integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning tool for predictive maintenance — as a system of record. The U.S Department of the Air Force has designated it for the Rapid Sustainment.

As the system of record for what the Air Force calls “Condition Based Maintenance Plus,” PANDA integrates AI and ML across a variety of aircraft maintenance data.

As per the department head officials, doing maintenance and sustainment of weapons systems on aircraft is really difficult without advanced tools, technologies.


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