Estonia’s CIO: our country remains a digital leader in Europe


Estonia's CIO: our country remains a digital leader in Europe

Did you know that #Estonia was the first country to appoint a state-level chief information officer?

Well, setting an IT and security strategy for a company is challenging, but being responsible for an entire country’s digital strategy is an entirely different experience.

Siim Sikkut is the government’s #CIO, whose role is to launch and steer strategic initiatives, set strategy and policies, and regulate in areas of digital government and cybersecurity in the country.

In a recent interview, he claims that Estonia is focused much more on the transformation part of the whole government and #publicadministration.

After all, “we have to manage the change, not only the tech part.” – he says.

According to the Digital Leader, Estonia will drive change by making use of different tech trends that create trusted and secure solutions.

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