Does international competition drive digital transformation

international competition

Does international competition drive digital transformation?

Many governments cannot remain #competitive in the global market as their primary focus has shifted at the moment to tackle the pandemic challenges.

What drives most of the #digitaltransformation now is centered on remote working, online education, and better health care.

The pandemic will end one day, and all the countries will go back to their previous goals, such as economic growth, stability, and equal and easy access to services.

So, despite the increasing demand from citizens for better services, I believe adapting to a #digitalinformation age is not driven only by internal factors.

In a global economy, the ability to remain competitive requires digital and information excellence.

As Klaus Schwab has said, “Ultimately, government systems and public authorities’ ability to adapt will determine their survival.”

Many countries are far ahead in the digital transformation process, and other countries will have no other choice but to adapt.

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