TDRA UAE introduces the digital government roadmap


TDRA UAE introduces the digital government roadmap

#TDRA (Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, United Arab Emirates) introduced the digital government roadmap prepared in a workshop.

Speakers in the workshop highlighted the six #strategicthemes of the #roadmap:

infrastructure and services;
common digital enablers;
the Unified Digital Platform;
laws, policies, and standards,
digital capacity building,
engagement and outreach.

To ensure proper implementation of the roadmap items, TDRA has developed five #strategicindicators:

achieving a 100% end-to-end true digital transformation within two years,
raising customer happiness to 90%,
increasing the digital uptake by 85%,
inclusive and complete training of the federal government workforce on digital enablers by 100%,
providing a single digital platform and unified digital experience across all federal government services by 100%.

A roadmap, six strategies, and strategic indicators. It seems TDRA is doing its job well and effectively. As I have been saying, without a concrete plan and objectives, there is not much progress to be expected.

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Mohammad Al Zarooni