Spain and the US are way out in front in #digitalhealth than Germany

MONDAY, 07 JUNE 2021

Spain and the US are way out in front in #digitalhealth than Germany

According to a new survey by Fresenius, Germany is lagging behind other countries in adopting digital health, including Spain and the US.

The three-country poll found that Spain and the US are way out in front.

The difference between the three countries was most evident in #telemedicine. Online consultations were deemed very important by 55% of Spaniards, 43% of Americans but just 16% of German respondents.

There were also significant differences in the usage of #digitalhealth services.

When asked about video consultations, the US was way out in front. 22% of people said they had access to remote meetings with doctors.

In Germany, the proportion was only 2%, and Spain was only slightly better at 6%.

Also, GPs offering online appointment booking was available to around 55% of Spanish and US respondents, but only 15% of Germans.

42% and 35% of those who had access to online booking in Spain and the US had taken advantage of that. Meanwhile, in Germany, that percentage is only 8%.

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