Making a case for participating in #digitalsurveys

TUESDAY, 04 MAY 2021 2

TUESDAY, 04 MAY 2021

Making a case for participating in #digitalsurveys

Thanks to the tremendous increase in #digitalservices and remote work, technology has a whole new value to government leaders.

The Center for Digital Government is amid its surveys and awards for 2021. The survey’s deadline is approaching, but there is still time.

If you ask yourself if you should get more involved in surveys and awards during these challenging times or if they are worth the time and effort. The answers are yes and yes.

We all need chances to celebrate and reward our hard work.

So, should you participate in awards programs and surveys? The Center for Digital Government’s opinion is that you should DO IT.

Surveys and awards give an incredible chance to collect data around the great work you are doing. So, I suggest you participate in these types of surveys.


Source: Teri Takai and Phil Bertolini article at Government Technology

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