How is Canada using AI to drive #greengrowth?

28-May-21 How is Canada

FRIDAY, 28 MAY 2021

How is Canada using AI to drive #greengrowth?

Canada uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prepare infrastructure for electric vehicles and speed up #cleanenergy research.

Canada’s Minister of Digital Government, Joyce Murray, says “We’re taking advantage of the strides we’ve made in digital service delivery to examine how we can accelerate climate action.”

AI, #machinelearning (ML), and “the enormous data pools” that governments are amassing are valuable tools for reducing global CO2 emissions.

Opportunities are plenty. Murray says, “There are over 150 environmental applications of AI in agriculture, energy, transport, and water.”

These could save up to 4% of global CO2 emissions by 2030.

One of these applications has found its way into Canada’s national science labs. The country is exploring using AI to produce chemical substances that accelerate clean energy production, such as hydrogen.

Such substances typically take up to 20 years to enter the market. With an issue as pressing as climate change, this is a time the world can’t afford.

ML algorithms can predict optimal conditions for producing these new materials and shorten research timelines.

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