How can digital lean help governments improve their services?

21-May-21How can

FRIDAY, 21 MAY 2021

How can digital lean help governments improve their services?

#Digitalgovernment has become a must for any public sector, and the pandemic is solid proof of that.

For the private sector, gone are the days of yearly plans, budgets, and reviews, or drawn-out product and service development cycles.

Nowadays, #agile working features short sprints, where solutions are built and tested in a #Lean fashion in response to customer needs.

Primarily a private-sector attempt, these principles could also usher in a new era of #governmentservice.

Bureaucracy has come to be known for inefficiencies, redundancies, and consequently ineffectiveness.

But Lean could eliminate waste, identify value areas, establish continual improvement mechanisms, build new collaboration and delivery models, and support digitalization.

And most importantly, Lean can identify citizen needs and put them at the heart of all operations. Isn’t that the goal of governments?

Saudi Arabia is proof of Lean methodology success as it has emerged as a pioneer of Lean in government in the Middle East and around the world.

The Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice was more than 70% digitized in 2019, and over a third of Saudi Citizens have Unified Electronic Medical Records.

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