Government priorities regarding to #cloudmigration

FRIDAY, 25 JUNE 2021

Government priorities regarding to #cloudmigration

When it comes to expanding mission capabilities while increasing service delivery speed, governments face ongoing challenges. However, overcoming them has become more vital now due to the pandemic, and decision-makers should decide which #data should migrate first.

Center for Digital Government Vice President Phil Bertolini advises, “Don’t try to do everything at once. You might think that sending everything into a #cloudenvironment is necessary, and it doesn’t work that way.”

Discovery, assessment, and evaluation activities need to be performed to optimise value while workloads are moved to the cloud.

Here’s what should be considered:
People: Communication and guidance is vital to ensure they understand changes
#Governance and security: Compliance with Government-specific control and risk management are required for success
Platform: Solution must different requirements while maintaining continuity during migration
Operations: Monitoring and maintaining the solution is key to achieving migration goals

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