Government of Canada ( #GC) launches updated #digitalstrategy


Government of Canada ( #GC) launches updated #digitalstrategy

The global #pandemic has indeed accelerated the global shift to #onlineservices for governments and businesses alike. Innovation has been crucial during these times, pushing public servants to deliver essential services digitally.

The unpredictability caused by Covid-19 has shown how vital it is to show agility. As a result, the Government of Canada has launched the latest strategic plan of its #digitaloperations for 2021-2024 with four key pillars:

Modernizing legacy IT systems so they are easy to use, stable, reliable, and secure.

Improving services so that individuals and businesses are satisfied with and trust #GCservices

Implementing enterprise which relates to making public servants happier and more productive; departments more data-driven; operations more effective and efficient; and costs lower.

Transforming the institution ensuring that #publicservants are digitally enabled to serve citizens better.

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