Digital Government For Sustainable Development

SUNDAY, 04 JULY 2021

Digital Government For Sustainable Development

With countries struggling with the disruptions caused by the pandemic, they have been faced with two priorities: #digitalisation and #sustainability.

Both of them have been a concern and a challenge of modern societies in developing and developed countries as well.

After all, good governance is crucial to efficiently managing resources for the well-being of current and future generations.

However, leaders don’t have to choose between these two priorities; instead, they can integrate them. According to Dr Gianluca di Pasquale- global green economies and infrastructure leader at professional services firm EY- has noted that “In our study, we discovered that #digitalgovernment could help create #sustainablegovernments, and vice versa.

I totally agree. E-government can facilitate integrated policies and public services to promote sustainable economic growth and environmental protection.

That means that economies can increase their probability of having sustainable development with the #digitaltransformation of their respective governments.

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