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The New Normal: #Louisiana Staff Navigate Back from COVID

As the Covid pandemic reaches its newest phase, staff members of #stategovernment agencies in Louisiana are returning to the office.

However, their perspective and toolset have changed. As they return to work, staff members can now use communication technologies that they hadn’t been able to use before.

With this new toolset, workers have a different work-life balance and have a heightened awareness of public safety.

“Younger generations are not always on the same wavelength as the retiring workforce. The expectations of the next generation of candidates are different, which can be an obstacle during the hiring process. Given that public-sector employers can barely offer competitive salaries, they might want to consider investing in low-cost measures such as working from home.” Lousteau, the IT director for the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal, said.

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Source: https://www.govtech.com/workforce/the-next-normal-louisiana-staff-navigate-back-from-covid