Data governance maturing quickly

23-May-21 Data

SUNDAY, 23 MAY 2021

Data governance maturing quickly

According to the Information Governance ANZ survey, #Australian organizations are increasingly adopting formal information governance frameworks to maximize data value while minimizing associated risks and costs.

Here are the most important findings that support this statement.

55% of organizations across both public and private sectors now have an information #governance (IG) leader, and more than 40% have a multi-disciplinary IG steering committee.

74% of organizations have at least one IG project in motion or planned across the next 12 months.

36% of organizations are expecting to increase their IG spend.

2021 also saw #government organizations overtake corporates’ confidence in their IG, with 62% of government respondents saying their organization had either advanced or intermediate IG maturity than 49% of corporates.

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