Congress takes a serious look at city and county #digitalinfrastructure

FRIDAY, 30 JULY 2021

Congress takes a serious look at city and county #digitalinfrastructure

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the #US, the federal government employees across the country had to make dramatic changes almost overnight to the way they operated.

#Telework became the norm, and citizen services moved to being #digitalfirst and even digital-only experiences.

According to Dr Alan R. Shark – the executive director of the Public Technology Institute (PTI) – there are five critical areas of concern that Congress has to pay more attention to:

IT modernisation lacks in providing effective digital services directly to citizens.
Pressing need to leave behind the silos and focus on enhanced intergovernmental relations.
Significant #cyberthreat protection, both preventative and premeditative.
Abundant need for professional development or certifications aimed at existing staff.
Actively addressing workforce shortages which requiring more creative approaches to recruitment and retention in IT-related positions.

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