“Azerbaijan ahead of many countries in the creation, development of #digitalgovernment services”

SUNDAY, 20 JUNE 2021

"Azerbaijan ahead of many countries in the creation, development of #digitalgovernment services"

That’s what Fariz Jafarov-director of the Center for the Development of Electronic Government of Azerbaijan- has said in one of his interviews recently.

This department has overseen several projects of the state-business (G2B) and state-citizen (G2C) segments during the pandemic. During this time, an SMS permission system and an #onlineportal were developed where employees and citizens could ask for special permits to leave their homes for specific reasons.

According to Jafarov, over 112 million SMS were sent during this time, and seven million citizens have used the services of this system.

Moreover, all #governmentagencies have an electronic document management project as part of the plans to create e-government. Along with this, Jafarov explained that they had developed a national system to exchange information securely.

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Source: https://www.azernews.az/nation/179517.html